For Sprinting out to 200 Miles

Hereman Ceusters

My first birds of this origin were purchased from Premier Stud in 2009. They hit almost straight away. They were the old lines of Wild Wind/Samson/Samsons Girl/Den 444/Den Euro/Wonder of Figo/Goudklompje/Olympiade 003/ Maddison Time (bred from a brother to De Jan) Jess and brother are full brothers to Samson. Dicaprio/Safier Pair/Outlaw etc.

All these old lines are in the back of the pedigrees of the up to date winners from Premier; for example Supersonic Mike is a g.son of Wild Wind and Samson Girl.

Further introductions were made to cross into these birds from Homer and Williams, again these are from the old lines of Premier Stud. One of Homer and Williams main birds was a hen they raced called Dolly Pot. She won 5x1st racing, including 1st Federation with up to 2100 birds. Dolly Pot is from Maddison Time whose sire is a full brother to De Jan and Surprise Time, a top breeding pair at Premier Stud.

 I raced a daughter of Dolly Pot she won 3x1st and topped the Federation twice but more importantly she is breeding winners with different cocks from the word go.

 A good friend of mine, Stephen Wilson also raced a cock off Dolly Pot and it has had 8x1st for him and bred good pigeons.

Dolly Pot and her cock, Buster that she has been paired to most of the time, have been prolific breeders for the Homer and Williamson partnership. Many winners and breeders from them were in the clearance sale where I purchased them. They were among the principle pigeons in the sale.  

To add to the above birds I have introduced birds from the recent up to date birds from Premier Stud i.e from Supersonic Mike/Better than Bolt/Man o Chester, these will be tried on the road and if they prove their worth, will be crossed into my old lines that are winning for me and those that have had them from me.

Details of what the birds have bred and won will go on Breeders Profiles page.

My Ceusters are as good as any in the country.

Van Hertem-Schuurmans

I first visited the successful partnership in 2014. They have been at the top level in Belgium for a decade where they are well known. They win on average 50 x 1st’s a year in Club, Federation, and Nationals out to 450 miles. 

I had to wait until 2015 before I could purchase birds from them as they are contracted to a well known agent. I initially purchased 2 birds both direct off National winners. A direct son of Girly, 1st National of 6005 birds & 7th National of 21827 birds. Also a direct daughter of Simen, 1st National of 12602 birds and 112th National of 18568 birds. One of these birds has since been sold to china for a life changing sum, their words not mine. I paired these 2 birds together and they bred winners almost immediately. One hen alone won 1st club, 2nd Federation, 11th Combine of 5300 birds, Falaise 340 miles in a north wind flying 50 miles further than most of the birds in front of her. A few weeks later she won an open race 130 miles and was 2nd that day of the total liberation of 1200 birds. 

A full brother to the above hen paired to a Ceuster hen bred a nest pair as yearlings. Both won, one topping the Federation the other had a 2nd Federation, have both had several other prizes. I am really excited about these birds. And more importantly the Van Hertem-Schuurmans are an absolute genuine and lovely couple which is as important as the pigeons in my eyes.

Sprint to Middle Distance

Syndicate Lofts

I have several good birds from syndicate lofts. In particular Tipsey Lad has bred 14 x 1st prize winners and 6x1st Federation winners for myself and 4 other fanciers who have had birds from him, not to mention g.children and gg.children that have done well. He is a g.son of Drum and g.son of Casanova, the best middle distance pigeon in all Belgium in his day.

Another is Outlaw, I have 3 double g.children of this prolific breeder and Propere Rik, a direct son of him.

A son of Blue Fox who is a full brother to the outstanding Foxy Lady,  1st sec 2nd open MNFC 8984 birds 1st sec 2nd open MNFC 5612 birds 1st sec 3rd open 8359 birds when Blue Fox was paired to a daughter of the outstanding War Drum.

2 From Major Tom a full brother to Apollo 8 who is sire of Foxy Lady Major Tom from Granger & Mary Kate prolific breeders for syndicate lofts.

I also have a cracking g.daughter of Friendship. 1st National 44300 birds and a g.daughter of Harry, 1st 37700 birds and NPO 22300 birds.

Middle Distance

I fly middle distance 200 miles out to 510 miles. I have what I call ‘One Day’ pigeons, birds that will fly 510 miles on the day which is the furthers distance that our Federation and Combine go to which is at Poitiers.

I have birds off J and D Staddon which go back to C & G Coopers Pigeons,  Farmer George lines that I crossed with birds from my good racing cock Superwheels. Superwheels is a Combine winner 1st at 400 miles from 2300 birds and 4th Combine of 3200 birds over 340 miles. These birds crossed, win out to 510 miles have helped me win the Federation channel averages a few times and only bird on the day in Federation 510 miles.

For 2020 I have introduced into my breeding lofts 5 birds, 2 birds off Simon Parkinsons, 1st Midlands National Winner from Vire 3582 birds. A daughter off Coronation Joy, 1st Midlands National Fougers 8443 birds when she was paired to a Federation winner with 4100 birds. A direct son of Red Emperor, 1st Midlands National Bergerac 1500 birds, 534 miles and 7th open tours 3500 birds. 

Also a son of Man o Chester when paired to Queen of France, a double Combine winner racing out of France.

I also have birds from Jimmy Cullen from Ireland, a top Chanel flyer. 

These ‘all-rounders’ will be raced  on the land and out to 450 miles, once they have proved there worth will be crossed into the Van Hertem-Schuurmans.

Anyone wanting more information on any of these birds can contact me on the contact page.